Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Uruguay versus Argentina

This evening Uruguay and Argentina are facing each other in Montevideo, Uruguay for the final qualifying match of the South American World Cup qualifying group. Uruguay is currently on fifth place, one point behind Argentina on the fourth place, which qualifies directly to South Africa. Therefore, Uruguay needs a victory, while Argentina is not necessarily sure of keeping its fourth place with a tie, as Ecuador could theoretically pass them with a victory against Chile. Still, considering the Chile-Ecuador match, Uruguay is still in danger of being completely eliminated; a fifth place (for Argentina, Uruguay or Ecuador) will give a play-off match against either Honduras or Costa Rica.
Everything is neverthless at play for Argentina and Uruguay, two giants of world football, who are also the two countries that have faced one another the most times in history. This will be their 198th official encounter since their first one in 1902, and Argentina has won 87 times, 51 have been ties, and Uruguay has won 59 times.
Many of their encounters have been important matches, such as Copa America finals, Olympic matches (the most notable being the one in 1928, when Uruguay won gold in the final against Argentina), and World Cup matches - most notably the final of the 1930 World Cup that Uruguay won at home in the very same stadium where the match will be played this evening.
Be sure that it will be another drama!
Vamos Argentina!!!!

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El Erik said...

Such games are seldomly well-played, but sure to be a drama. And the one last night was indeed one such match. Uruguay went down to ten men, but fought on, as the Argentineans played with spirit as well. Only four minutes before time, the Huracán midfielder and ex FC Porto, Matio Bolatti, scored the winner for Argentina.
Argentina, Maradona and all great Argentinean player will be in the World Cup is a great relief to all football fans. Be sure that in spite of all the criticism Maradona has suffered, they will be hard to beat, and a contender for the title!