Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pelé versus Obama

Last week Rio de Janeiro was awarded the hosting of the 2016 Olympic Games in a close contest with Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. All countries had brought leaders and celebrities to Copenhagen to promote their bids. The US President Barack Obama even came to promote Chicago, that nevertheless, to many people's surprise, were the first to be eliminated.
Prior to the decision, Pelé had said about the presence of the US president: "If they have Obama, we have Pelé."
Of course!!!! I would much rather meet Pelé (although I would probably not vote for him): Pelé is a King, a Legend, a living Star!!! In comparison to that, Obama is just another mediocre salesman.
I am personally delighted Pelé and Rio de Janeiro won.


El Erik said...

And I really think that Pelé should have won the Nobel Peace Prize ages ago!

Anonymous said...

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