Friday, November 09, 2007

While I was gone

I have been out in the Mozambican bush doing poverty assessments in poor communities. Out there, on tired evenings in a random hostel, I have had urges to watch football. Even though I have seen the results of thr Champions League, I still have a huge urge to sit down, watch some matches, get excited...
The results from last round though, would have been bound to excite me:
  • Liverpool destroyed Besiktas by 8-0! Incredible to see such a result at top European level, and well, Liverpool showed they are not in as bad a shape as many were insinuating! However, they are still trailing Porto and Marseille in the standings, and need to win their last two matches.
  • Valencia lost again, at home. This time to Rosenborg! It is amazing how far the team has descended lately, and Mr. Koeman has a lot of work. Deep crisis for Valencia, who is looking unlikely to make it to the next round.
  • After being held 0-0 in Glasgow, Barcelona managed to defeat a very defensive Rangers side by 2-0. Glasgow is still on second spot with 7 points, but being threatened by Lyon, who defeated Stuttgart 4-2 to have 6 points.
  • Manchester United is looking more and more as a serious candidate for the title after crushing Dynamo Kiev by 4-0, and with four wins for four matches, is far ahead in their group F.
  • Real Madrid tied Olympiakos 0-0. They are winning their group ahead of Lazio and Olympiakos (both with 5 points), and seems progress is in their own hands.

Inter and Fenerbahce in group G, and Arsenal and Seville in group H seem set to progress on the first two spots. In many other groups however, there is the potential for some exciting matches, as more teams are potentially in the next round.

I hope to be able to watch!

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