Monday, November 12, 2007

Italian football violence

I have never been a fan of Italian football. Any reader of this site knows that. Why? In fact, because of what I consider a boring and overly organised style of play, when there is such huge potential there! I stand by that I don´t think Italy was the best team in the 2002 World Cup, but I still congratulate them for their victory!

Otherwise, if I had to choose which country´s fans to party with with after a victory, Italian tifosi are surely to be on the top of the list, mainly because of the passion and kindness characterizing them (and Italians in general).

It is therefore so sad to see what is going on now in Italy, with the death of of young Lazio fan and riots in many places. Nobody deserves to get hurt when it comes to football!
I don't know whether the blame is on (all-to-often) trigger-happy cops and plain bullies mingling with the fans. But truth is that Italy is World Champion in the greatest sport on Earth! And I hope the Champions don't give such bad publicity for their otherwise strong teams, great players and wonderful fans!

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