Friday, November 30, 2007

Portugal versus Denmark

I was recently on a road-trip of Northern Mozambique with a couple of friends who had the wisdom of bringing a small travel version of Football TP. It gave numerous hours of entertainment and discussion as we struggled through the dirt-roads of the Mozambican hinterlands in a 4x4 Pick-up truck.

While many of the questions could lead to long posting on this website, one of the questions I received got some actuality only one week later, as the qualifying groups for the World Cup in South Africa 2010 were drawn: which country has Denmark never manage to defeat: Mexico, Argentina, Portugal or the Czech Republic?

I knew it wasn’t Argentina or the Czechs, but was in doubt about the last two, but answered Mexico. Nevertheless, to my surprise, the correct answer was Portugal!

Now, Denmark drew exactly Portugal for the World Cup qualifiers! I doubt Denmark, with as weak players as they have now, can provide Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. with their first defeat ever. And the group is not easy: another team is the eternal Scandinavian arch-rivals from Sweden, whom Denmark had some clashes with for the EURO 2008 qualifiers!


Jesper S. said...

Dude !! Erik, you're losing it !!

We beat Portugal 4-2 in September 2006:

El Erik said...

Thanks Jesper! I guess then the TP was wrong, and well, I have surely been in the bush for too long!!!!!
Thanks for the input!

Jesper S. said...

He-he. Well, I'm in the midst of soccer wasteland over here... but at least we have soccer going on once a week. In the outfield of a baseball field... using lacrosse goals !!

Best part is having beers afterwards, hands down.

Hope you're doing well !!