Monday, December 11, 2006

Help needed

I have been gone forever. I guess I could use the excuse that I have been travelling an awful lot, from Africa, to Europe, to North and South America.
But I have not been thinking much about football. I feel I have lost the passion. I need some help to get it back... And I doubt it is only because my favourite teams Valencia and Brøndby are doing absolutely lousily: Valencia is in the bottom half of the Spanish league with numerous injuries. Brøndby is also way down in the Danish League, and is out of the UEFA Cup and Danish cup.

Things are not going well.

I was in Barcelona some weeks ago, and went to watch Barcelona against Zaragoza:

(here, a picture from the match)

Still loving the atmosphere, and two splendid goals by Ronaldinho, the passion just isn't there. I have hardly been watching any Champions League, preferring to have coffee with artsy-fartsy people and go to museums, instead of having four pints in a bar while sweating because my team hasn't scored.

Anyway, I think there is reason to be worried about this preoccupying development in my life. Please if anyone can help me?


Stig said...

Well, what can I say... I have somehow tried it myself. Had to pretty much ignore all football for a year before the interest started to return. Maybe the passion will return again soon to you, or maybe you have just grown up now:-)

Anonymous said...

Try supporting newcastle united in the english premier league. Every season is a rollercoaster, from relegation battles to europe. There's never a quiet moment, it's either high flying or sack the board. Last week we lost 3-0 to everton, this week we drew with man united. No matter what though we cram 50,000 fans in to watch our football circus.