Monday, January 15, 2007

Cheer from someone looking for football

I have been trying to get some of my passion back:
  • Saw Valencia defeated Villarreal in the Spanish League. They are now back fighting for the title and Champions League spots. Yuhu.
  • Watched one half of Espanyol-Barcelona. Half a match in three months...
  • Mourinho is on his way out of Chelsea apparently. If he has got no job, he is welcome to hang out with me.
  • Had a vivid discussion on the return of Lyngby B to the Danish Superliga, as well as Brøndby's awful season. I was drinking beer with some guys, so it wasn't hard.
  • Heard Christian Poulsen was made player of the year in Denmark. Only heard it two weeks after it happened.
  • Some Italian became world player of the year.
  • Beckham is on his way to Los Angeles (did anyone know they play football there!?). Big Surprise: people will appreciate his haircuts over there.
  • A friend challenged me on the UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football. I made a team, but forgot who is on it.

I am seriously looking for my football passion. I think it disappeared with "my mojo" somewhere. Little goofy guy, big grin, with glasses, and losing his hair. If anyone has seen him, please let me know, as I am i serious need of some football!

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Søren Husted said...

Welcome back Erik. I am glad that I now again can follow your comments and views on football. I hope you have found your football passion.....