Monday, July 10, 2006

Jupiter in retrograde

I have little time to write a long blog on my disappointment of Italy's victory. Of course, maybe I should start by congratulating the Italian fans and my friends, whom I am sure had a great party last night.
Nevertheless, the Italian victory was a bore. A pity an otherwise good tournament ended with that result, although we did miss the epic clashes I had expected. I think what I will most remember is Zidane's exit... One of the best player's ever, and he finishes off in such pathetic manner, it is almost to cry about. Has he been too many years in Real Madrid!? What went through his head?
Sadly, he could have been remembered as a great player only, but now we have to add great idiot to it as well.
Oh well, back to normal life...


Anonymous said...

You don't know much about football + FORGOT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED DURING THE FINAL game. France got a penalty gift in minute 8..otherwise would have been 90 minutes with the same champion. You're an anlo-saxon so..good buy.

El Erik said...

Ha ha! Thanks for your comment!
Maybe I forgot to mention that I thought there was no penalty. Still, the final was a complete bore (until Zidane's headbanging abilities...).
Excuse my opinion, but any final that ends on penalties is a bore, and all football fans are left with a strange feeling in the mouth... Was this really the best team in the World...?

Notwithstanding that, not wanting Italy to win, I am still happy for my Italian friends, who celebrated like they deserve.

Oh, and what is it with the Anglo-Saxon thing? Am I? Or are you insulting me? is it an insult?

Jesper S. said...

Hi Erik, you Saxon bastard ;o)

Hope all is well.

Yeah, I can't believe Italy won it.

I had really hoped Ghana and the Czechs would advance from the group stage.

Or even better - have Australia eliminate them.

Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Zidane's actions made for a pathetic exit... I think, concidering France was playing against a bunch of whiney, pasta eating, throw-themselves-left-right-and-center-to-get-a-penalty girlymen, his actions were more than appropriate. I applaude anyone who headbutts an italian in the chest... next time, hopefully it will be Totti (will never forget/forgive his performance against Denmark in Euro 2004)! El Rune

El Erik said...

he he he El Rune: