Sunday, July 02, 2006

Europe Rules

I am going to be very unpopular for this posting. If I’d say “Africa rules”, I would be considered a culturally sensitive person, in touch with the always oppressed peoples. Saying Europe rules, I am considered a neo-colonial imperialist pig. But that said, it is true when it comes to football.

The continued discussion of Europe having to give World Cup spots away to Africa or Asia is absolutely ridiculous: Actually, with the performance of teams from outside Europe, I think Europe should be given four more spots in the next world cup: one from Africa, two from Asia, one from North- and Central America. The only non-Europeans in the tournament able to compete at highest level were Brazil and Argentina, and they were no match for France and Germany.
The World Cup belongs in Europe, and it will surely stay in Europe for many years to come.

The World Cup is over. The only thing that counted for me, was Brazil winning, so the Cup should not again go to boring European. It is the World against Europe, and Europe wins (as usual…).

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