Sunday, November 20, 2005

Real Madrid handled by Giants

Yesterday I watched "football". That is, not the "usual", but the American version. At a good barbecue, I was invited to watch American College football, the classic Ohio State against Michigan. I was happy to see Ohio win an exciting match. At the same time however, I was well aware of the clash going on in Spain. And as would be proper, I was getting periodic updates in my mobile.

Real Madrid against Barcelona is always a game that carries history with it beyond the football pitch. On top of that, both teams have always been at the top of Europe, and attract the best players in the World.

Last night's match in Santiago Barnabeu in Madrid was awaited as every year. But as seldomly before, Barcelona overran Real Madrid. Players such as Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zidane Raul, seemed only like average players compared to the super display by Lionel Messi, Deco, Eto'o and in particular Ronaldinho. The Brazilian was simply spectacular. He was clapped off the pitch by Real Madrid's fans, something that has only happened before to Diego Maradona.

It is not often I have good things to say about Real Madrid fans. But their display of fairness last night shows that they are fans who foremost are appreciative of great football. As all who love great football, they had to surrender to Barcelona's display last night.

Real Madrid were truly given a football lesson to remember.

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