Friday, November 04, 2005

Champions League 2005-06: Matchday 4

Due to travelling, I missed the Champions League action this week. In spite of it, I have a summary of the results:

An important victory for Schalke, who is now on second spot. But this group E is very close, and with two games left, all teams have a shot at the next round.

A good victory for the Dutch. They are now on first spot in group E with 7 points, but only two ponts ahead of Milan and Schalke.

Lyon continues cruising through the champions league. With Arsenal, they are the only team with maximum points. Juninho is unstopable!

Real Madrid has gotten its act together. With this victory, they are sure of at least a second spot in group F after Lyon.

Liverpool is on first spot with 10 points. Chelsea is right behind with 7.

Betis managed to do what nobody has for a long time – to defeat Chelsea. Betis is now with 6 points on third spot, one point after Chelsea. But the Sevillians will have to fight well to get the second spot in group G.

  • Artmedia Bratislava-Glasgow Rangers 2-2
    Goals: Borbely, Kozak; Prso, Thompson

Artmedia and Rangers are now both on second spot with 5 points and a 5-5 score. They will have to fight for the second spot with FC Porto, two points behind both teams.

Porto defeated Inter in Porto, but other defeats, with this one, seems to leave them trailing in group H. They will have a hard time staying in the tournament.

Juventus won with same score as Bayern had in Munich. Both teams are on top of group A with 9 points.

Two victories againt Vienna will not be enough to keep Brugge in the tournament, trailing Juventus and Bayern Munich by three points.

  • Thun-Ajax Amsterdam 2-4
    Goals: Lustrinello, Pimenta; Sneijder, Anastasiou, de Jong, Boukhari

Thun was close to get a 2-2, but two late goals by Ajax gave them the 2-4 victory. Ajax is firmly on second spot of group B.

Arsenal continues showing strength in the Champions League. They will surely win their group B, but it will be interesting to see them against stronger teams in the next round.

In the Spanish league, Barcelona also won 5-0 last weekend. Seems the dangerous Barcelona attack has found its rhythm, and they can get very far in the tournament.

An important victory for the Germans. Werder Bremen, Udinese and Panathinaikos all have four points behind Barcelona, so the fight for second spot will be deadly.

This group D is very close. With this victory, Villarreal jumped to first spot with 6 points, and the meager score of 2-1. Benfica is the most scoring team in the group with 3 goals, but is last, albeit with 4 points.

Manchester continues playing poorly indeed, and is fighting hard to stay in the tournament. They are now on third spot with 5 points, same as Lille, which is on second.

I will surely not miss the next round!

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