Saturday, November 12, 2005

Argentina against England

[Foto: flag] [Foto: flag2] This evening in Geneva, Argentina and England will be playing a friendly match.
These teams have a history of football rivalry that goes back to number of great World Cup encounters. One of the most memorable matches was the 1986 World Cup Quartefinal clash, where Argentina own 2-1, on a Diego Armando Maradona's hand and his magic. Last time they played was in the first round of the 2002 World Cup, where England won 1-0 on a penalty goal by David Beckham. Another great match was the 1998 World Cup encounter, which Argentina won on penalty kicks after 2-2.
I do not believe we can expect a clash at these levels tonight. But for both teams, there is a high degree of honour involved, so the match is bound to be entertaining.


El Erik said...

It was an entertaining match indeed!
England won 3-2 on two late strikes by Michael Owen. He has before shown stength against Argentina: I will never forget his goal against them in the 1998 World Cup when he was only 17!
Congrats to England fans, but a pity for Argentina, but I am confident Argentina will win if they get to play in Germany! At least I hope so!!

El Erik said...
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