Thursday, October 24, 2013

Real Madrid Fan Club in Liberia

I am not a Real Madrid fan. But yesterday a friend invited me a long to the "Yellow Bar" in Monrovia to watch the match between Real Madrid and Juventus among the recently created Real Madrid Fan Club of Liberia. This is the first fan club of its kind in Liberia.
There was a good atmosphere in the bar, in spite of loud annoying music playing during the match. And the fans were lively and with good knowledge of the match. Although Real Madrid won 2-1, it was nevertheless not the best evening to be a Madrid fan: the team is playing poorly under Carlo Ancelotti. There is lack of creativity, speed and pressure on the opponent, and yesterday they were indeed helped by a referee who gave a thin (although defensible) penalty and an outrageous red card to Giorgio Chiellini. One had to feel sorry for a Juventus side that during the first half largely outplayed Real Madrid.
Real Madrid is nevertheless looking solid to win the group where Copenhagen again lost, this time to Galatasaray. In spite of this, Real Madrid fans have to expect more from their team that what they saw last night (the referees will not always be helpful).

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