Thursday, October 03, 2013

A historic day

If anyone were ever to write a biography about me (pretty boring, but please play along), today would be a day to write down: the very first time in my life that I supported Real Madrid! It was of course the Danish champions of FC Copenhagen, whose second defeat in a week would give me more happiness after Brondby finally defeated them last Saturday in the Danish league.
However, after Real Madrid went up 2-0, I must admit that I stopped watching: Real Madrid were not even trying, but were obviously far superior to FC Copenhagen. Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel DiMaria ended up giving Real Madrid a comfortable and easy 4-0 victory, and I am grateful.
But in the end, I could care less.
Instead, I switched channel to watch a much more interesting match, where the defending Champions League champions, Bayern Munich, under Pep Guardiola, played a fantastic match away against Manchester City, winning 1-3, putting themselves firmly at the top of Champions League Group D. In that same group I should mention that CSKA Moscow defeated Viktoria Plzen 3-2, and their third goal was probably the silliest goal ever in Champions League history:

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