Thursday, November 22, 2012

The cruel fate of Di Matteo

Last March Roberto Di Matteo became interim coach for Chelsea at a moment when the Londoners were in crisis. Within a few months he guided Chelsea to the FA Cup title and to their first Champions League title ever. Within a few weeks he was no longer interim, but permanent manager. Now, barely six months after taking Chelsea to the greatest triumph in its history Di Matteo has been fired after some disappointing results. They are "only" third in the Premier League and are struggling in the Champions League were Juventus' 3-0 win over them sealed Di Matteo's fate.
A cruel fate, to be hailed and then fired within the same year! And one has to doubt whether this is not a too hasty decision by Chelsea's management: Di Matteo may have given rapid success, but he had a strong team, where there have been changes since last season (they lost their star player, Didier Drogba!). One would think that a manager needs time to build up a competitive team!
But no, short-term thinking is the rule in Chelsea, just as it is in other teams that think they can buy quick success, and where loyalty only reaches to their wallets.
There are rumours now about a new coach. Rafa Benitez has been mentioned, but in some places only as "interim" if Chelsea can get hold of Pep Guardiola.
I think everyone is "interim" in Chelsea.


Liverpool Kopites said...

It's quite clear that there is no concept of the "long term" at Chelsea under Abramovich. Credit to Rafa for daring to pick up the job but already, the early signs are that he is a dead man walking. Unless he is determined to secure some important silverware in the rest of the season in order to rebuild his reputation, otherwise I see an even worse fate awaiting him should results remain poor and he gets the sack.

El Erik said...

Well, at least Benitez has had a fine start, but as you say, it seems it will be challenging as nothing seems to satisfy Abramovich!