Thursday, November 08, 2012

Great Celtic

Even though Celtic play in the world's most boring league, their victory today against the leaders of the world's second most boring league was truly impressive. Because no matter how you turn things, FC Barcelona are a much better football team than Celtic. But the beauty of football is that sometimes David beats Goliath. Two weeks ago Celtic were close to tying Barcelona away, and it was some of the same tough, defensive style, with good counterattacking, that gave them today's important victory, that puts them ahead of Benfica to take the second spot in the group. In other matches of this round of the champions league, Real Madrid tied 2-2 at home to Borussia Dortmund, who are set to take the first spot in the group, where Manchester City are on their way out after 2-2 at home to Ajax Amsterdam. While Manchester City were dreadful in the first half they were rightfully angry with the Danish referee who cheated them for a goal and a penalty in the second half, favouring a Dutch side full of Danish players.


Roger Klotz said...

Look at the match facts. Barcelona had 89% possession, made probably 800 more passes, had double digits more shots and still lost. Truly the beauty of football. I think Barcelona's number 1 problem was that they were playing football and could do nothing about it. Sometimes the ball just bounces that way.

El Erik said...

I completely agree. Great to see a team like Celtic beat them, and it probably does Barcelona good to be taken down to earth once in a while!