Saturday, February 11, 2012

Low intelligence

I have always thought that one (of the many) reasons that I did not become a footballer was because I am too intelligent. In fact, as has often been the case, with some notable exceptions (Jorge Valdano, Socrates, Ruud Gullit....), intelligent footballers seems to be more the exception that the rule, and at a time when the media scrutiny is so intense, the demand on a bit of brains in footballers seems to be all the more important. Therefore, it is a bit tragicomic to see a brainless twit like Luis Suarez in action.
I do not believe that Luis Suarez is a racist. As has rightly been pointed out by others, the connotations of what he said to Patrice Evra are completely different in Latin America, where expressions of racism have more to do with class and xenophobia than with actual race. That said, Luis Suarez should have known, after many years in Europe, that such comments are out of place in that context, and for that, he fully deserved the punishment. When Mr. Suarez today, in the first match against Manchester United since those events, refused to shake Mr. Evra's hand, he went beyond issues of fair play and gentleman behavior, and for that, he should be punished again, and if a punishment is not in its place, he should at least be given a bit of education.
Give the man something to read!
Shamefully, Patrice Evra does not display that he had a brain much larger than Mr. Suarez' pea. At a moment when he could have acted like the greater man, a gentleman, he had to act like a little offended school-boy when the match ended with Manchester United's 2-1 victory, openly provoking Mr. Suarez with his celebrations.
It was a great match, but these two "gentlemen" should receive a warning since their behaviour undermines everything that football should do more to combat, like racism and unfair play.
That said, in a match that was intense and entertaining, this drama only adds to the epic fight, and perhaps that is what we all want to see.
Perhaps Mr. Evra and Mr. Suarez are just brainless pawns in the media circus of international football. Brainless nonetheless.

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I very much like this posting on Luis Suarez, which emphasizes the lack of manners and education of the player: