Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Don´t bother....

Tonight is the Spanish Copa del Rey semifinal between Valencia and FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona defeated Real Madrid in the quarterfinal, after which it has been widely proclaimed that FC Barcelona will now win the tournament. Only the most die-hard Valencia fans believe otherwise. I don´t believe otherwise.
Indeed, the Spanish league is the most distorted degree in the world, to the degree that serious commentators in Spain, even coaches and players, call the third placed team and downwards, "The other league".
I cannot see how this can benefit Spanish football, and find it a joke when Spanish TV promote a match between Villarreal and Levante as a match in the "best league in the world".
Were it not for Real Madrid and Barcelona, the Spanish league would not be much better than the Swiss or Cyprus leagues (the "other league" in Spain has no teams in the Champions League knock-outs, while Switzerland and Cyprus do).
Valencia is currently leading the "other league" in Spain. But that is the only title they are vying for. Tonight, they will, as all other Spanish teams, be just another hurdle in the Barcelona/Real Madrid battle for championships.
I will not even bother watching the match.


Stig said...

Ahh, Erik. Hvis du kunne se den ville du se den?
Valencia fører forresten 1-0 ;-)

El Erik said...

Jeg kunne godt have set den. Horte godt Valencia forte. Men jeg vidste det ikke ville holde.
Valencia kommer ALDRIG NOGENSINDE til at slaa Barcelona (ikke bare pga dommerne) eller Real Madrid.
Ok, maaske gor de, naar Lyngby kommer i Champions League :)