Sunday, December 04, 2011


One of the greatest midfielders of all time, Socrates, has passed away at the age of 57.
In 1982, he captained the Brazilian side at the World Cup in Spain. With him as a leader, the team is surely the best side never to have won a World Cup, after they were defeated by Italy in one of the most legendary matches in World Cup history.
A Brazilian triumph in the World Cup always eluded him (he also participated in the 1986 World Cup where Brazil was eliminated by France in the quarterfinal).
In his club career, his main achievements were in Corinthians, but he also played for Botafogo, Fiorentina, Flamengo and Santos.

Besides his extraordinary skills and vision in the football pitch, Socrates was an extremely charismatic person. He is perhaps the player that best symbolized football in the1980s . His tall, skinny, rugged appearance made him stand out in the crowd, he was educated as a doctor, columnist, writer, and he had strong opinions about politics, where he organized protests against a former Brazilian military government.
Socrates will be missed, but he will always remain a footballing legend. RIP.


Anonymous said...

He is now one of the "gods of the beautiful game"

Rahul said...

A terrific loss for any footie fan, but all the more to those who were fortunate enough to watch football poetry, which was what the team of 80s delivered, but failed to win the coveted cup in 1978,1982 & 1986 owing to splash of individual brilliance.