Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Euro 2012 Groups

The groups are as follows:

Group A:
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia

Not the most scary group for the Polish hosts, but one should also look out for the Russians.

Group B:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Portugal

Surely the group of death! Germany and Netherlands nevertheless remain favorites to win the group and the tournament, while Denmark and Portugal will be looking to make a surprise.

Group C:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Ireland

The last two world champions are to face one another in a group where everyone will support Ireland, and Croatia must not be underestimated!

Group D:

  • Ukraine
  • France
  • England
  • Sweden

Not an easy group for the Ukrainians, where England are surely favorites, but everyone will be looking forward to England-France!

The tournament starts on June 8th with Poland facing Greece!


Anonymous said...

Hi E,

happy birthday - 37 years is no problem.

My prediction for the group of death: - hmmm

- from group B and C nobody would be surprised if Holland, Germany, Spain and Italy are the four to move on from the group stage.
- in group A and D all the eight teams will enter the tournament thinking we can make it beyond the group stage. That is not so in group B and C. There we will have teams who nobody will think has a chance - Denmark and Ireland.
- In group B and C, Croatia and Portugal will be the main opponents to focus on for the two top teams in each group. And Denmark and Ireland will be the ones that just have to be beaten.
- I bet that neither the Danes or the Irish will really be hugely disappointed if they don't make it beyond the group stage - Denmark and Ireland are huge underdogs, and the players of those two teams know it.
- My prediction is that one of the four big teams (Spain & Italy, Holland & Germany) will not move on from the group stage. Who will then take that place?
- Portugal and Croatia are the most likely candidates - with the big Ronaldo attracting a lot of focus in group B. And in order of making a surprise against Holland and Germany attracting attention is not a good thing.
- In group C the two strong teams start out, so when the meet the "weaker" teams either Spain or Italy will have to win, so the chances of a surprise is not that great. In group B on the other hand, the two weaker teams take on each their strong team in the first match - and I think the chance that Holland underestimates Denmark is far greater than Germany underestimates Portugal. Espcially since Holland face the mountain of Germany next, and their "friends" from Portugal after that.

If Denmark should make it to next round, I predict that the scenario will be as follows: Holland whoe easily beat Denmark in WC'10 underestimates Denmark in the first round match, which result a Danish victory. Germany win the match against Portugal. Second round: Holland and Germany have too much respect for each other and get a draw, whereas Denmark put up a solid fight and likewise get a draw agains Portugal. Last round: Germany takes the victory agains Denmark, whereas Portugal and Holland, both needing a victory eliminates each other with a draw.
Germany 7 points,
Denmark 4 points,
Holland 2 points,
Portugal 2 points

Wishful thinking I know - but it is your birthday tomorrow :-)

El Erik said...

Thanks Jim! I will gladly take your prediction as my birthday present :)