Tuesday, August 09, 2011

USA and Jurgen Klinsmann

Already old news that Jurgen Klinsmann has become national coach of the USA after the ending of the Bob Bradley era.
As a player, Mr. Klinsmann was unconventional, a brilliant striker, completely his own, but still a team player, and indeed, a great guy. These are qualities he took with him as national team coach, where he completely revived German football with the great performance of the 2006 World Cup, which Germany should have won (instead of those Italians...). Since then, Germany has been a different side than what one usually connects with the national team, and in the 2010 World Cup, under Joachim Löw (who was Mr. Klinsmann's assistant in 2006), is a different side, more adapted to a nation that has changed.
Mr. Klinsmann is a personification of the modern German: friendly, openminded, hardworking, individualistic, yet a team player, and willing to try new things.
These are qualities that I believe will serve him well in the USA: he already knows the country and the people well, and he will be given resources and liberty to try new things with the vast amount of talent that indeed exists in the US. Looking forward to the World Cup in 2014 is perhaps too soon, but if he is given time and the resources for the development of young players, I believe he can take the US to the next level, that is, at least a semifinal spot in the World Cup.
It will be interesting to watch!

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