Thursday, April 07, 2011


As I was at work, and leaving late, I recorded one match. I didn't know which one in fact, but I made sure I heard no results, and quickly put on the match as I came home.
Chelsea-Manchester United was a bore! Manchester United won 0-1 on a Wayne Rooney goal, and will probably make it to the semifinal, but the most notable thing about the match was how lousy Chelsea played, and Ancelotti's very strange insistence on keeping a toothless little boy called Torres on the pitch, instead of what would seem like a deadly striking force in Drogba and Anelka.
It turned out the other match, between FC Barcelona and Shakhtar Donetsk was much more interesting! Shakhtar Donetsk are usually outstanding at home, so it was important for Barcelona to pull a solid result before going to Ukraine. And indeed they did with a 5-1 victory. No matter how good Shakhtar are at home, it looks like Barcelona and Real Madrid will be facing each other in the CL semifinal. In fact, they will be likely facing one another for a period of ten days in all-crucial matches!


Anonymous said...

four Real - Barca matches within three weeks!

How will it end? Erik, what does the statistics say about this.

Any of the teams would probably sell "Copa del Rey" for the CL final - and Barca can "afford" to loose in the league. I can hardly imagine that any of the teams will win all four or that any of the two teams will not win at least one match.

Two matches in Madrid, one in Barcelona, and one on "neutral" grounds in Valencia.

It will be highly interesting indeed.

First match: 2-2
Second match: 3-1
Third match: 1-0
Fourth match: 0-2


El Erik said...

it is crazy!!! I dont think there are any precedents for this!!!!
But one thing: their last five encounters have been Barcelona victories. If Barcelona wins a sixth they will equalize the record Real Madrid holds from the 1960s!
It will be interesting. I think both teams want to win them all; it is the ultimate test.
My prediction, as hard as it is: Barcelona will win the Copa del Rey and the league, while Real Madrid will take the upper hand in the CL by a narrow margin (perhaps 1-1 and 0-0)

Anonymous said...

okay - two matches to go.

first match: a draw
second match: real winner

now comes the funny part - I think Barca will make it to the CL-final, although my predictions some weeks ago put Real in the final. I simply don't think that Barca will loose two games in a row to Real (next game in Madrid, and Real need a victory there to go through to the final)

god påske,