Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I think and what I wish

The semifinalists for this season's Champions League are ready after some not overly surprising nor exciting matches. The semifinals are as follows:
That the two Spanish giants are playing one another in a couple of weeks on four crucial encounters is completely unprecedented. No matter how it goes, football history is being made. Although Real Madrid will be hungering for success against their eternal rivals, I do believe that in the CL, Barcelona will carry the day and make it to the final.
Schalke 04 are undoubtfully the dark horse in the semifinals after having eliminated the defending champions of Inter Milan with 7-3 on aggregate. Only number 9 in the Bundesliga, nobody had expected them to be where they are, and they will undoubtfully fight their guts out to make it to the final. That said, they won a lot because of Inter's arrogant stupidity, and that is a mistake that Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United is unlikely to make. While it will surely be an interesting encounter, I think this will be the end for Schalke 04.

I predict a repeat of the 2009 final. But that is not necessary what I wish for.

I like Schalke 04, and in sympathy for the little guy, they are my favourite team of the four left. So I would like them to defeat Manchester United.
I always support FC Barcelona against Real Madrid. Not because I am a Barcelona fan (I support Valencia), but more for dislike of Real Madrid. That said, this time, I would like to see the Marengues facing one of the biggest stars of their history (and one of the greatest players in modern football history), Raul, who at his "advanced" age was made to change to Schalke 04. No matter what I think of Real Madrid I have always found Raul an outstanding player and a football gentleman.
Thus, I would love to see a Real Madrid-Schalke 04 final, where Raul scores the winning goal for his new German team against his old Spanish one!
That would be football history!
But there is always a giant leap from what I wish, to what I think!

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santino said...

Eric, don't forget that this weekend Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing a league game, and next wednesday they play the final for the copa del rey. That means that 4 of the next 6 games Barcelona plays are going to be against Real Madrid. I probably won't survive the next 2 weeks.

Cheers and keep up the good work.