Thursday, March 17, 2011

The last quarterfinalists

The last seven years mighty Real Madrid has been unable to make it to the quartefinals of the Champions League, but 2011 finally saw them get through. Under José Mourinho the team is as good as it has been for years, and one of the teams that has often been a stumbling block, Olympique Lyon, was dispatched with a well-played and offensive 3-0 victory. Karim Benzema scored yet another goal, and is really in a great form at the moment. No doubt that whoever they will face in the quarterfinals, it will be hard, but Real Madrid is hungry.

Chelsea progressed on 0-0 in one of the most boring matches in Champions League history against a team that played in pink shirts.

The defending champions of Inter Milan were the sensation of the round. After losing 0-1 in Milan, and being 2-1 down against Bayern Munich, the Italians managed to turn the entire game around, and ended winning 2-3, and making it to the quarterfinals. No doubt a disappointment for Bayern Munich, who are having a dismal season, but who can only thank themselves for the enormous chances they missed in the first half against Inter.
Inter Milan is keeping Italy's flag high, and are still defending their title!

Finally, Manchester United made it to the quarterfinals after defeating Olympique Marseille 2-1 on two goals by "Chicharito" Hernandez. The win was not surprising, but Manchester United didn't look that superior and had to fight for the victory. It will be interesting to see them against a better opponent in the quarterfinals.

But these are the teams that will be in the pot on Friday:

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