Sunday, March 06, 2011

Excellent Liverpool

Liverpool under Kenny Dalglish is on the rise. Some of the new signings of the season, notably Raul Meirelles, and lately Luis Suarez, have blended well into the team. Today, Liverpool played their rivals of Manchester United, who is leading the league, in what was an expected match in the English Premier League. And this time, Liverpool was simply much better than a quite lame Manchester side: 3-1 was not one goal too little. All goals were scored by the Dutchman Dirk Kuyt, but what mostly characterised the match was an excellent team effort that made Machester United look ordinary.
Liverpool has had a habit of playing well against the big teams, but then pull bad results against smaller teams. It remains to be seen whether Kenny Dalglish can break this habit, as Liverpool is again looking towards the top five spots of the league. After today's victory, there is surely reason to be optimistic for Liverpool.

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