Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Messi, the world's best

I must admit that although I greatly admire Lionel Messi, and probably agree that he is the most noteworthy player in the world, I am not wholly in agreement about winning the FIFA Balon d'Or today.
I am not sure what the criteria for the title are, but if they indeed are the player that seems to do the most amazing things on camera - the one that most looks like a Playstation player, it is indeed the little Argentinean Magician. But if, for a year, a player has been central - crucial - to teams that have played marvelously, been a core and steady player on winning teams, I am surely of the opinion that Xavi should have won.
But hey, I am not sure I know the criteria!
Anyway, congratulations to Messi! You are indeed a football God!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I agree that Xavi is important for his team but so are the others like Iniesta, Puyol, Casillas, Villa. Ppl who think of WC might divided between those names. I guess that's why ppl vote for Messi coz out of the teams, he's the best.

El Erik said...

Of course I agree, there is no player like Messi. But I think that football is a team sport, and besides the fact that it thus seems strange to call one player "the best" (Messi was not that good in the world cup when he didnt have Xavi or Iniesto to serve him), I think that if this title is to be given, it has to be to a player that has meant the difference to any team he has played!
That said, it is difficult. For that alone, I would perhaps still go for Wesley Sneijder or Xavi, both having had the best year!