Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A golden future?

An overlooked tournament is taking place right now: the South American U-20 championship in Perú. The tournament is important because there are perhaps no other areas in the world where the u-20 teams are nourished as a seed for the future as in South America. And living in Venezuela, I have of course noticed a splendid goal in last night's tie between Venezuela and Perú: 19-year old Yohandry Orozco scored a goal worthy of the best in the world. He plays for Zulia FC in the Venezuelan first division, where he made his debut already at the age of 16, but besides that, I don't know anything about him.The youngster also scored against Argentina, and is becoming a player to notice, although of course, one must be careful to make any predictons of a player so young. He may have a golden future, or be a one-off...
Anyway, the splendid goal can be seen here:

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Anonymous said...

Yohandry Orozco has been bought by Wolfsburg in the German Budesliga. http://www.liderendeportes.com/Noticias/Futbol-Noticia-Detalle/Yohandry-se-lleva-su-magia-al-Wolfsburgo.aspx
He will surely need some adapting, but he will be interesting to follow