Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you Maldini

You can like AC Milan or not, but anyone should acknowledge that they are one of the greatest clubs of all time. And one of the greatest players ever to play on this great club, Paolo Maldini, has just played his last game for the team.
Mr. Maldini played more than 900 matches for AC Milan, and ends his spectacular career at the age of 40 and undisputed captain of the team (although strangely, some AC Milan fans were there at his final match to insult him, as he had some disagreements with these tifosi during his time at the club).

And what a career!
Seven Serie A titles; eight champions league/cup finals, of which he has won five, and one World Cup trophy with Italy in 2006.
Together with many football fans, I will miss Mr. Maldini: he just seems to have been there almost since I started watching football, and I guess it just is there to remind us that time changes, and even great players have to end at some point.
Thank you Mr. Maldini!

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El Erik said...

And just to add to the greatest of this player, Pep Guardiola, FC Barcelona's coach, has dedicated the Catalonians' CL victory to Paolo Maldini