Saturday, May 02, 2009

Outstanding Barcelona

I had never thought that Barcelona would win against Real Madrid like this: 2-6 in Madrid is a score of historic proportions for the two rivals, and I have no doubt that this current Barcelona team is likely to become the best in the history of the Catalonian giants. They were simply outstanding!
At the same time, Real Madrid, who had otherwise won many victories and put pressure on Barcelona, proved to be a disappointment, and the next month or so will likely become a period of self-reflection. The merengues have had a hugely disappointing season, have suffered some humilliating defeats to Liverpool and Barcelona, and it seems that they are no longer among the European top.

Barcelona is one step from the Spanish title, will soon be playing the Spanish cup final, and remains an important candidate for the Champions League title. Nevertheless, the latter will prove much more difficult when they face Chelsea on Wednesday in London; Chelsea will be much better organised and disciplined, and with their home support, will surely be difficult for Barcelona (and I think Chelsea is a slight favourite). But Barcelona proved today that they are a truly amazing team, and if anyone has a chance of pulling a good result at Stamford Bridge, it is this Barcelona dream team!

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I found former Barcelona and Real Madrid player, Luis Enrique's comment hilarious: