Monday, October 01, 2007


A friend sent me a message after my recent "update", that nobody cared about David Beckham any more: the new star was Marta! The Brazilian super star of the world cup for women in China. In spite of Brazil losing the final 0-2 to Germany, Brazil came out as a new entertaining super-power of football.
I have never really enjoyed watching womens football. Not any gender thing here, but I have found it too mechanical, too much "women wanting to be like men", and not too much spice. You can even see it in which teams have done well in women football (and I hereby promise to publish a table of the Women's World Cups): Germany, Norway, US.... Not exactly the teams that get fans overly excited on the male side... (with all due excuses made).
Now the Brazilians have arrived.
I have little access to communication, but in a small cheasy bar, did see the goal Marta scored against the US, where she made a marvelous heel-tip to snare an American defender. Splendid!
I think womens football needed some Brazilian spice, and I just hope we will see more in the future!
In the meantime, congratulations (again) to the German ladies.

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