Friday, October 05, 2007

Champions League in Nacala

And so, Football Mojo is back... On Tuesday I went out of the way to watch football... I was working in a poor community in Namatapa (don't try to find it on a map...) and then afternoon, drove some farmers on lousy roads to the community of Nivali (site of the splendid match between Nipita and Mazua). I then hurried 120 Km, on lousy roads to the community of Geba, by the coast, before taking the last 60 Km to Nacala. This is a medium town, a port town, with a few hotels, bank, so I figured there was an hotel showing football. And there was... But they weren't showing it. I drove around, desperately and tired to three possible places, until finally crashing a small hotel where the South African run DSTV was available. It was a relief. I was tired though, having left home at 4.30 that morning.
I started watching Besiktas against FC Porto. But predictably, I fell asleep... Not the glorious return of Champions League I would have hoped for after all the hazzle... I saw that FC Poto had won 0-1, thus achieving a second place in a group where Marseille upset a horrible Liverpool side at Anfield.
They then announced that they were showing Celtic against AC Milan. The defending champions against the ever-fighting Scottish underdogs. And this was an exciting match, with Scott McDonald's last minute strike giving Celtic a well-deserved and surprising win. The end was marred by a spectator running on the pitch, but Dida's pathetic acting made it all seem very grotesque!
Otherwise, I was disappointed to see that Valencia lost at home to ever-present Chelsea. There were also some surprises in this round, with Benfica losing at home to never-to-be-underestimated Shakhtar Donetsk and Glasgow Rangers destroying Olympique Lyon in Lyon (Really a great day for Scots!).
The teams to watch, Barcelona, Manchester United, Inter Milan and Arsenal, all won, while Real Madrid managed a 2-2 draw to Lazio in Rome.

But for me, football mojo is back :-)
Pity I am living somehwere where it may prove difficult to follow...

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