Monday, May 22, 2006

Goodbye Michael Laudrup

I heard that Michael Laudrup will not renew his contract as coach in Brondby. Sad for Brondby. It has been six excellent years with him as coach, where new young players have flourished, and the team ahs played beautiful football. All this, in spite of not winning any titles this season.

Michael Laudrup was the greatest Danish player ever, and a true gentleman on and off the pitch. Some rumours are tying him with big European clubs (rumours always abound about Real Madrid, but I doubt he should be part of that circus). No matter what, he will be missed in Brondby. I will miss him, and hope to see him return!

Cheers Mr. Laudrup!


Anonymous said...

Nu er jeg jo ikke meget for at begi' mig ud i at rette en fodboldekspert som dig, men er det ikke kun 4 år Laudrup har været træner i Brøndby? Ikke desto mindre deler jeg din ærgelse over at han stopper!!

El Erik said...

hej Janni,
jo, den er god nok, det er fire aar. Jeg ved ikke hvad jeg lige taenkte paa i skyndslen... hmmm.... Haaber det havde noget at goere med oel :-)

Thanks a lot for the correction! Laudrup was in Brondby 4 years!