Thursday, May 04, 2006

European Week Football tournament in Ghana

This week is European Week. Here in Ghana, a series of cultural events have been taking place, organised by EU Member States and the European Commission.

Football, being such an important cultural object in both Ghana and Europe, is again central to the celebrations. Therefore, a European Cup is taking place this Saturday May 6th, at the University of Legon in Accra. Each Member State and the European Commission in Ghana is sponsoring a Ghanaian u-12 team, who will then represent the given country. The tournament is played as a cup-system, and features the following clashes in the preliminary round:

  • 7AM: ITALY (Gaddafi FC - Mamprobi)-EUROPEAN UNION (Shaka FC- La)
  • 8 AM: GERMANY (Obono - La)-SPAIN (Barcelona FC Trade fair)
  • 9 AM: GHANA ( Sarafina - Dansoman)-CZECH REP (Everton)
  • 10 AM: FRANCE (Schweppes - nungua)-HOLLAND (Dezacs - Kwashieman)
  • 11 AM: DENMARK (Mandela)-ENGLAND (Young Goldfields) - Osu

As you can see, some major classics are taking place: Germany-Spain is a repeat of their famous preliminary round encounter in the Euro of 1988. Denmark-England is always an exciting match, going from the Euro 1992, to the World Cup in 2002, to the latest 4-1 humilliation of England in 2005. Notice also the Ghana-Czech Republic, which will be a preview to their clash in Germany this summer. The Czechs should be warned!
Finally, notice that Italy will face the EU team in the first round. An unwritten encounter: the Italians will surely rely on their "catenaccio" style to try to defeat the talented EU side.

I guess all are welcome to Legon this Saturday to see these exciting matches. I just hope the fans will behave. It is already being reported that hordes of European fans have arrived in Accra to support their teams in this important cup!

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