Friday, April 21, 2006

Semifinal in Johannesburg

I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa, late Tuesday evening. After checking in to my hotel in the posh neighborhood of Melville and a delicious steak, I found a place that was showing the AC Milan-Barcelona Champions League 1st leg semifinal.
Now I understand that South Africa is not qualified for the world cup, and I hope interest may be higher when they will host in 2010: the whole place was full of people, but I was the only one watching! (on the positive side, I must mention that I was served by a gorgeous and smiling waitress).
And this is not because the game was bad! Barcelona is beginning to seal its position as the team of the moment in the world. Winning 0-1 in Milano, on a goal by Frenchman Ludovic Giuly, is no small feat, even for Barcelona. The Catalans now surely have a leg in the semifinal, and should be heading for glory.
On the other match, Arsenal won a narrow 1-0 against Villarreal in London. The second game in Spain will be a nail-biting encounter.

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