Thursday, April 27, 2006

A dream final

It will be a dream-final we will be witness to from Paris on May 17th. Arsenal-FC Barcelona.
Both teams made it after a 0-0. Arsenal was the luckiest one, playing a very risky and dull game in defence against Villarreal, who should have scored at least one. But a marvelous Lehmann saved the Gunners, who will be playing their first CL final ever.
For Barcelona, it will be their first final in 12 years. The Catalans have been impressive this season. Their play is offensive and entertaining, and they are heading straight towards a Spanish championship as well.
I think Barcelona will carry the trophy away, although anything can happen. Only sure thing is that the final in Paris will be a nail-biter, although one can hardly expect anything like the epic legend of last season's final. In any case, the great players of both teams will give us a great show. And the fans will hopefully behave!


sh said...

Frygtede lige at det var Esbejrg fB - FC Randers du klader en drømmefinale...

El Erik said...

Ja, men saa vandt Randers jo, som saa bliver foerste divisionshold der spilelr europaeisk. SIkke en droemmefinale :-)