Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Uzbekistan or Bahrain?

Uzbekistan and Bahrain are playing two play-off matches to qualify for the World Cup in Germany. The winner after both games will be playing the number 4 of the CONCACAF qualifying group, currently Guatemala.
A couple of days ago, Uzbekistan defeated Bahrain 1-0 at home, but FIFA has now cancelled the result of that game. During the match, Uzbekistan had a penalty goal cancelled, due to the fact that a player ran into the penalty area at the moment of the kick. Very odd and unheard off, and Uzbekistan promptly protested in order to try to get a 2-0 victory awarded. Instead, the game will be re-played, something that oddly seems to the advantage of Bahrain...
But not withstanding this, I would like to know if we should expect to see the Japaneses referee, Mr. Yoshida at the World Cup next year...?

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