Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Northern Ireland-England

For the first time since 1972 Northern Ireland has defeated England, 1-0, on the European World Cup Group 6. The honour of defeating England is the main thing for the Irish, but the result is a serious set-back on English attempts to qualify for the World Cup, after Poland defeated Wales 1-0. Poland is now leading the group with 24 points, 5 more than England.
England may still win the group: with one match less and still to play against Poland, they continue to have the qualifying in their own hands. However, the English players will have to perform much better than they did tonight (and also recently in their pathetic 4-1 loss to Denmark). Poland has proven a strong team. After tonight's victory, the Polish are only one step away from Germany, and England will surely have to do their best (which will have to be far better than so far) to defeat them.

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