Thursday, July 07, 2005

Steven Gerrard to stay in Liverpool

The soap opera about where Steven Gerrard would be playing next season seems to have ended. Mr. Gerrard has now apparently confirmed that he will stay in Liverpool. I do not understand the intricacies of the whole affair, but I certainly think this is the best for both Liverpool and Mr. Gerrard. Why leave the success he is having in a great club like Liverpool, to go to Real Madrid or Chelsea? In Madrid, he would probably just become another marginal superstar in a team that has won nothing for two seasons (which team is the greatest: non-winners Real Madrid or CL Champions Liverpool?). In Chelsea, he would be fighting for his position.
No, as a football fan, I am happy that he is staying in Liverpool. With new players and renewed motivation, Liverpool will continue upwards next season - both defending their CL title, but also fighting for the Premier League title. Mr. Gerrard will certainly be central in this, and continue showing his skills for Liverpool fans in particular and football fans in general.

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