Sunday, June 20, 2004

Spain out - and so what?

Portugal showed will. Spain showed nothing. Again, as so often before, another flop for Spain. But the team has shown nothing, and when it came to playing with cojones against Portugal, they couldn't. Maybe it is good, that they could not prevail when coming with a 0-0 attitude.
The truth is, this Spanish team does not have at all as many stars as one thinks: Raul has seldomly performed on the national team. Morientes is a star but with little support. There is no "General" on midfield, and defence is plainly bad. Only rising stars are some of the younger players like Joaquín and Vicente. Otherwise, I also thought Mr. Iñaki Saez should have brought Reyes along to Portugal.
Shame Spain is out because of the great Spanish fans. The Spanish team will not be missed.

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Anonymous said...

hey eric,
too much time on your hands?
Anyway, wanted to support your comment, and add that this also means denmark will not risk meeting spain, which can only be a good thing.
A statistic to add: try to count how many times the portugeese, and especially Ronaldo, just slid the ball between the spaniards' legs..
It is great for the tournament that portugal is through, in particular if Scolari keeps ronaldo, nuno, and deco in the starting line up.
All we can hope for is that denmark shows sweden some mercy and the game ends 2-2. So long italy, good luck in 2006-hopefully by then you will have stopped sharing your mouth water at various unappropriate times.