Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Denmark will not be missed...

...only if you are Danish. I am Danish, but also a football fan. As a Danish, I am disappointed, but as a football fan, it was one of the tournament's most unsympathetic teams.
They compeltely fell apart against the Czechs, whom I will ahve to compliment on such an easy win against a naive adversary. "Let the Danes have the ball. They like to paly it around, but are utterly harmless. They will eventually make a mistake, and then we will strike"; This must surely have been the tactics of the Czechs, and it was perfect.
But mostly, being here in Denmark, I was appalled at the Danish attitude before the game: "the Czechs are weak except for Koller and Nedved..." What is this!? I am quite happy that Mr. Baros, whom I have admired for many years, and who has lost too much of a season on a broken leg, was the one to crush the Danish arrogance (which I cannot understand where came from. The Danes were not bad, but had not reason whatsoever to be arrogant).
Finally, players like Mr. Gravesen and Mr. Groenkjaer will not be missed at all. The simpathy the Danes might have gotten with Mr Totti's stupidity in the first match, disappeared when the Danes started making small revenges and gesticulating at Mr. Nedved. Mr. Groekjaer's provocation when pulling Mr. Nedved's hair is in my point of view at the same level of Mr. Totti's spit, and should be sanctioned as well.
Goodbye Denmark, the rest of the world will not miss you.

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