Saturday, March 11, 2023

Support Lineker

 Former football star and BBC pundit Gary Lineker is in trouble. He is in trouble for being a critical and intelligent person, who says his opinion on a (democratic) government's foul and discriminatory policies. After publishing a comment on Twitter criticising the British government's asylum policy, he has been suspended from the BBC, the public broadcaster of a democratic European country.

Mr. Lineker has every right to express his opinion in a public forum as Twitter. His comments were not discriminatory, foul or objectively wrong (although they were extremely harsh), so that he should get suspended from his job seems like the overreach about expressing opinions that we are seeing all over. Although we all have a duty to be careful about how we express our opinions, we are on a dangerous slide if all opinions are subject to the potential repercussions of losing your job.

Mr. Lineker deserves all support he can get.

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