Friday, July 30, 2021

Racism in Portsmouth

 It was with interest that I saw that the second-rate club of Portsmouth in England sacked three players from its youth academy for their racist messages against the English players who had missed penalties in the Euro 2021 final between England and Italy. They did the right thing in taking action against the youths, but I just wonder if the club is taking the right action; they appear to be doing what is expected of them, rather than taking any responsibility for themselves: these players are academy players and are only that stupid if this is an accepted behaviour in the academy. I doubt they would say things like this for the first time. And they are young players, likely young teenage idiots (like most of us have been) too full of themselves to think before they act.

They have done something deplorable, and they do not belong in the academy. I understand that part. But I would expect that the club tries to look upon themselves and what type of academy they are creating; what type of values they are educating their players with. As part of a community, what type of "Portsmouth" they are envisioning, where young men appear to feel comfortable being racist assholes.

Whatever the club has done to the youths, it should not take away the responsibility of Portsmouth itself.

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