Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bummed out

I am not football hungover as I was in 2014. I am simply bummed out. Tired of football. I have had too much disillusion over the last few years, losing my idols, one by one; losing all hope that any team I support will win anything, but worse of all seeing the game becoming more corrupt and full of hate.
People say football is like religion: nowadays, it is much worse than religion or any ideology. Just like religion it has brought good things with it, but nowadays the hateful passion of fans, commercialism, greed and petty nationalism just overshadow all the nice things about the game (of which I acknowledge, there are still many, but I must admit that I cannot see the sun for all the shadows everywhere).
I already closed my Twitter account, and now considering whether I should continue with this blog. It would be a bit nostalgic to close it down, as it has been a steady part of my life for so many years. At the same time, I feel I have nothing more to say about the "former" beautiful game. I have often used the tag "no life" in my more reflective posts. I truly have no life without football.


Anonymous said...

Dear Erik dont close this blog. I was followibg it during world cup as main source until you fell off the digital cliff. Pia

Mikael said...

What Pia said / me too.