Monday, February 06, 2017

Stuck in no-mans land when Cameroun won

I was unable to watch the Final of the Africa Cup of Nations because I was stuck in a second-rate football country because their lousy national airline could not get me off the ground to go to beautiful Liberia. And how is it that in this country there was nowhere to watch the final?
In any case, it was only great that Morocco was out in the first round, and hope they do not even make it that far in the future.

But much more important is that Cameroun won! The fact that I did not see it does not diminish the accomplishment of a team that not much was expected from at the start of the tournament, but who, most of all, showed discipline and camaraderie. They were perhaps the team that most wanted it, and to come from behind against such a defensively disciplined team as Egypt was a great achievement.
It is great to have the Indomitable Lions back among the best in the world!

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