Monday, April 25, 2016

One victory away

Tottenham have been in the heels of Leicester in the title race for the English Premier League. Or not really; Tottenham have been under pressure to keep the difference of 5 points. After Leicester destroyed Swansea 4-0 (without Jamie Vardy) Tottenham needed a victory over West Bromwich Albions to keep the difference of 5 points with three games left.
But it was not Tottenham's evening: they started well, went ahead 1-0 and even hit the woodwork three times in the match... Bad luck, yes, but in the second half they never managed to keep the pressure against a West Bromwich side that played as if they were Leicester.
The match ended 1-1 and seemed like a defeat for Tottenham. And it probably was. Leicester are now seven points clear with three matches left. They only need to win one of the three matches to take a title nobody expected and which the entire football world is waiting for.
I cannot wait. I will be celebrating a Leicester title!!!!

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