Sunday, August 30, 2015

Liverpool- West Ham 0-3

When you lose one of the best players in your history you are bound to have a period of transition. That said, Liverpool's summer changes have made sense: they got an incredibly strong James Milner  from Manchester City, who it turn was handed over the eternal talent Raheem Sterling. I have never been a Sterling fan, and would change him for Milner any time. Christian Benteke was signed to score the goals; although not as skilled as Sterling, he is physically strong and a good target man. And to give the creative edge they signed the Brazilian Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim.
In the first three matches Liverpool did not start bad; the defense was solid although goals were missing.
That was not the case in yesterday's home match against West Ham, who got their first league victory at Anfield since 1963!
It was a strange match, because West Ham efficiently punished every mistake in Liverpool's defense. That said, these mistakes should not happen and are bound to be punished in the Premier League. While Rodgers may still be in the transition to post-Gerrard Liverpool, one has the feeling that this will be a roller-coaster season for Liverpool; they will fight with the new players under pressure to perform and with the rest of team looking for a guy to guide them.
West Ham, now managed by the Croatian Slaven Bilic are nevertheless a very interesting side with their new signings, three of which played fantastic matches yesterday: Pedro Obiang, Dimitri Payet and not least the young Argentine Manuel Lanzini, who even scored a goal and led the deadly West Ham counter-attach.
With their performance they surely appeared to be much better signings than Liverpool's!

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