Saturday, July 04, 2015

Japan-USA Final!

The Women's World Cup has been excellent, and the final is already highly anticipated to anyone that has followed the impressive growth of Women's Football over the last decade.
Japan-USA is a repeat of the 2011 Final in Germany, when the Japanese took their first World Cup title winning 3-1 in penalties after 2-2. In 2012 both teams again faced one another in the Olympic final, this time with the North Americans taking the Gold medals after a 2-1 victory.
The USA are probably slight favourites to take a title, which would be their third, making them the most winning football nation of the tournament (Germany has won twice). Playing in Canada is almost like playing at home, and in particular in the semifinal against title favourites Germany, when they won 2-0, the USA ladies were incredibly well-organized and showed their outstanding physical form.
Japan are in fact the only team of the tournament that has won all of its matches. They have been steady, disciplined, and continue playing a high quality fast-passing style of football. They will punish any mistake, just like they did to England in the semi-final, and will be eager to take revenge of the 1-2 Olympic defeat in 2012.
Of the players I must mention the two captains and veterans, who may be playing their last World Cup: Amy Wambach from the USA and Homare Sawa from Japan. Both in their mid-thirties they have nevertheless been solid foundations for their teams advances to the final. No matter what happens on Sunday, they are already to be remembered as two of the greatest women footballers of all time.
This Final will be at least as great as any Final the men play!!! So make sure to watch it!!!!

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