Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To fall with honour

Everyone will be talking about how poor Real Madrid were. Indeed, it is incredible that a coach like Carlo Ancelotti cannot motivate his players to play half-decently in the last-16 of the Champions League (arrogant fools perhaps do not realize that there are no bad teams at this level!), and continues to play with four offensive players when the entire defensive line is failing miserably (thank Modric he is back).
But more interesting is to dwell on a team that according to most had nothing to play for today. After losing 0-2 at home everyone doomed Schalke 04 out of the tournament; the match in Madrid a mere walkover. But Schalke 04 has shown that if you have to fall, fall with honour!
Indeed Real Madrid were bad, but it was also because Schalke played with an optimism and style that showed what football is all about, and gave a great show to their fantastic fans, who wasted nothing in coming all the way to Madrid. 3-4 victory against a Madrid team (among the 'best' in the world) that was hanging on to the tournament at home!
And while there were some great Schalke players I have to name two youngsters that I think have a great future ahead of them: Max Meyer and Leroy Sane were splendid, with the latter scoring a fantastic goal. Both are 19 years old, and both show that Germany is producing more and more fantastic young players than anyone else!
Schalke 04 fell with honour and will be missed.
Real Madrid is in the next round with no honour.
Today I became a bit of a Schalke fan.

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