Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bayern Raus

The Bayern Munich fans did not even have their bratwurst for consolation as a far superior Real Madrid trashed Bayern Munich in their first victory ever in Munich. It was doubly humiliating as Carlo Ancelotti proved to be a far superior tactician and football brain than Pep Guardiola's, who seemed to have completely set his side without considering the Spanish side's obvious strengths in counter-attack. When down 0-3 he seemed to have no idea what to do.
Surely a lot of people in Munich must be missing the great Jupp Heynckes.
Real Madrid were very close to perfection, dominating every aspect of the game, and with Cristiano Ronaldo on fire. Their only downer was Xabi Alonso's yellow card, which means he is suspended for the final. That said, they will be huge favourites against either Chelsea or Atletico Madrid in the final. I will unashamedly support either of those two sides, but aware that Real Madrid will be favourites.
Either side that makes it, it will be interesting: an Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid final will be historic for the city of Madrid, where Atletico will surely fight their heart out to beat their gigantic neighbours. It will truly be a David against Goliath of the city of Madrid.
Chelsea-Real Madrid will be more interesting in a footballing sense: Chelsea and Real Madrid play some of the best counter-attacking football right now, and their two coaches, Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti are two of the best football tacticians in the world. It would be as much a chess contest as a football match. Also, I guess many people will focus as much on the Jose Mourinho-Real Madrid clash, but that is more for the coloured press than for football fans.


Anonymous said...

hi E

I enjoy that Madrid is in the final - but what is really interesting is that yet again the champion is unable to defend the title. I guess it just underlines how tough a tournament the champions league is.

2-1 for Madrid in the final.


El Erik said...

I think in football tactical terms CHelsea-Real Madrid may have been more interesting, but in terms of drama, this will be more interesting.
I am afraid though that Madrid indeed will defeat Atletico, perhaps more than 2-1, but 4-1.
It is true about defending the title. Perhaps if Bayern had kept Jupp Heynckes...