Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tears for Naples

12 Points are usually enough to make it to the second round of the Champions League but it was not enough for Napoli, who will have to console themselves with the Europa League after defeating the leading English side, Arsenal, 2-0 in their last round match. It did seem at one point that both teams were through as news were coming in that Marseille and Borussia Dortmund were 1-1, which put the Germans out. But a last minute goal put Dormund in front and meant Napoli had to win 3-0 to go through. Although 3-0 over Arsenal sounds difficult, it is disappointing that the Napoli side, when up 1-0 and hearing the score in Marseille stopped attacking. Their second goal came when it was too late to go for a third, but who knows if they could have made it eariler....?
Dortmund ended up winning the group by the late goal, with Arsenal second.
It is a pity Napoli is out, but this was indeed the group of death with three teams that all deserved to be in the next round.

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